About Us

Leadrack Energy is an indigenous company engaged in the importation/exportation, marketing

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Petroleum Products

Leadrack Energy assures of quality delivery, every time, on time andin time. With our state of the art.

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E Top Up Solutions

Deploy Our E Top Up Terminal Machine services in your outlet and watch revenues soar and profit margins

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Leadrack Trading

Leadrack Tradings is our subsidiary where we market, sell and distribute food condiments such as Honeywell

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Leadrack Energy is an indigenous company in the Oil, Gas & Energy sector of the Nigerian economy. We major in Bonny Light Crude Oil Brokerage, bulk ex-depot diesel sales, import/export, marketing, distribution & supply of other Petroleum Products. Alternative Energy provision services is also with our purview.
Quality Service Delivery


Every time


in time and on time