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At Leadrack Energy, one of our core values is inclusion and diversity. Our commitment to inclusion means providing a working environment for all employees that is respectful, welcoming, and supportive. It means creating an environment that maximizes the potential of all of our employees.

We expect our employees to reflect upon whether the words they speak and write, the tone they use, the graphics and images they produce, and their treatment of others are fully supporting our core value of diversity.

We are committed to the safe and responsible execution of services for our customers. Therefore, it is important that we have the best people on our team to accomplish this objective. Finding and employing the best people means recruiting, hiring and retaining a diverse work force of men and women from different backgrounds, races, ethnicities, religions, and age Energys to contribute their different perspectives in order to allow us to be the best at what we do in providing efficient, high-quality energy services.

We must be diverse to be innovative and to maintain a competitive edge. This value is important to us and to our customers, and it is important for our future success.